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GoToMyPC vs LogMeIn April 22, 2006

Posted by Mike in Internet, RA.

Recently, as you will kinow if your a regular visitor,I have been evaluating a peice of software called LogMeIn, but then my friend joe posted a comment on the software and sad it was in competition with GoToMyPC so i am comparing these two peices of software.If you would like to contact me about this please e-mail me at mikeberry206@gmail.com and i will reply to your email as soon as possible.I have already used and evaluated LogMeIn (Read My Post Below).



1. Emily - July 13, 2006

You will be interested to know about a similar remote access service called RemotePC.

While you have plenty of options like GoToMyPc / LogMeIn to share a computer over the internet, RemotePC will be the perfect service that will work really cool!

The main advantage of this service over the rest is that the host computer does not require any static IP address.

Here is the product website http://www.remotepc.com for more information.

2. Stephen Phillips - July 28, 2006


I came across your blog while searching for some opinions of Logmein. Did this review ever get done? I’d be very interested to read it since I myself switched over from GoToMyPC to Logmein (good decision by my reckoning). Let me know! Keep up the great blogging

3. Daniel - March 5, 2007


I have used logmein extensively for over a year, having a pro subscription for 6 PCs for that time. However, i have recently become disenchanged with some really poor customer service!

i was recently “banned”! The reason they give is because when they renewed my pro subscription (without notifying me in any way), after charging the card, they received a dispute request…

i never initiated such a dispute request, i don’t even have the credit card they used in any case any more…

When i learned that the ban occured, i sent them an email to their support response.. not getting a response in 48 hours, I called, and was informed of the reason. They wouldn’t consider there might have been a mistake on their part or the bank’s part, and they won’t reinstate me without me sending them a check for the amount + 20% administrative fee.

i am particularly offended for being banned without any knowledge of what is going on. i don’t even know which bank the particular credit card was charged through, and don’t recognize the last 4 digits of the card they used as mine.

They have promised to re-instate me pending payment, but they haven’t even done that…

4. Jerry Hopkins - May 4, 2007


LogMeIn does not require and configuration of ip addresses either. Plus LogMeIn has a free product that does what remotePC users have to pay for. And I am not just talking about a free trial, I mean totally free software. You do start out on a trial of their premium product, but after the trial is over you automatically revert to their free product. Plus you don’t ever need to enter a credit card to use LogMeIn’s free software I fail to see any advantage.


5. Stewart Kirkpatrick - June 11, 2007

I have been a massive fan of gotomypc for many years but when a friend stopped neediung his account he received an email from gotomypc offerring to reduce his fee by over 50% if he woud go back. I decided to let my gotomypc expire and see if they offerred me the same deal. In the interim I used the free version of logmein.
Free logmein is ok but not as good (reliability, speed and features) as gotomypc. Sure enough I have now received the same offer from gotomypc. Another product worh consideration is mionet.

6. SmartGUy - June 27, 2007

anyone that thinkgs gotomypc is better than logmein is STRONGLY mistaken, no reason to even compare

7. SmarterGuy Then You - July 30, 2007

All of them have their perks and drawdowns. Get a trial of each and that should solve the issue on a per needed basis.

8. M Lim - August 4, 2007

Yes, as Jerry said, price wise LogMeIn beats GoToMyPC and remotePC hands down without any credit card requirement to create an account. Plus, during trial, LogMeIn allows more than one host, while GoToMyPC forces you to have only one host during trial unless you pay immediately.

9. michael - August 19, 2007

check out http://www.goINtomypc.com or http://www.dialintomypc.com
they are FREE remote support utilities that do NOT need preinstalled software, they are similiar to IT reach from logmein. Their system is based off opensource VNC and is free to the public. The site is sponsored by http://www.onlinebackupvault.com

10. judah - August 30, 2007

hi michael,
im not so impressed with gointoympc ir great for a free solution but littler slow however i like the backup site!
http://www.onlinebackupvault.com has a neat page easy clean cut easy to use.
thanx for interesting page guys.

11. arigold - September 8, 2007

Regardless of billing and customer support, logmein is not a horrible solution, nor is it a bad solution. There are other, more complex solutions out there like VNC. Free VNC is not secure. If you build out a VPN and then use it, then there is no problem with worrying about security. There are other inexpensive ‘payfor VNC’ flavors, that ARE secure, but again, they are not free.
When Emily mentions “…RemotePC will be the perfect service that will work really cool!…” that is almost like a weirdo person driving by a bunch of school kids saying “Want to come to my place and try some candy?”
The real issue is security for a ‘remote professional’ and logmein provides very reliable and strong encryption. A little slower than the best remote access? Sure it is. Still, it is better than FreeVNC in speed.
If one does not go for the payfor service at logmein, they will not have to be miserable about billing and customer service, and they will have access to a worthy utility. Thanks, Mike, for posting this.

12. www.dialintomypc.com - September 11, 2007

checkout http://www.gointoympc.com they are secure and they use a use authentication and a unique key generation
vnc straight is not the most secure product in the world hover this is a modifed version that is secure

13. Steve - October 27, 2007

I have used both gotomypc and logmein.com extensively.

A very major difference between gotomypc and logmein is that gotomypc “runs lower in the OS” than logmein. This is an acute issue when trying to reboot a sick pc remotely. Often with Logmein, its daemon terminates BEFORE you get the error msg from the OS asking you to kill a hung process. Thus you cannot click the “end process” button and you are screwed. Gotomypc even shows you the “Windows shutting down” screen AFTER explorer is down. I have never had this hung process problem with gotomypc but have had it many times with logmein. Gotomypc has its hooks much deeper in the OS than logmein. Furthermore, gotomypc is both faster and less likely to have dropped connections.

Furthermore, furthermore, logmein requires a custom Active X control in the client and this could be a problem when using an internet cafe type of public PC as the remote client since they might not let you to download and install a customer module.

All this having been said, I use logmein only because I don’t want to pay for gotomypc!!!

14. FluhLoulsof - November 19, 2007

Follow these guidelines and you will build that new home with little, or no, problems. metal siding can help…

15. Riz - December 5, 2007

Steve, I have been using gotomypc for almost 2 years, and recently switched over to logmein free. The reason being my gotomypc subscription expired, and i just was not sure i wanted to renew it, and then when i needed to connect i remembered this logmein. I am pretty happy now.

I just wanted to clarify one thing with you: Apart from some extra features Pro has over Free version, are there any security/speed issues?

Like Stewart had, even i got this 50% discount offer from gotomypc when my subscription expired, and made me feel that i was unnecessary paying twice the amount for so long. gotomypc should have offered this to its customers automatically to retain them, and as a reward for loyalty. I dont think i will ever go back to Gotomypc.

16. beky - January 14, 2008

I personally like gotomypc.com better for working from home however i like that site mentioned above sponsered by onlinebackupvault.com called gointomypc.com it helps out alot rather supbscribin to it rescue… i like the onlinebackupvault.com site to- i havent had much time to work with it – but concept and site looks cool

17. tamara - January 14, 2008

thanx for that reccomendation – onlinebackupvault.com looks pretty neat

18. Ronald - January 17, 2008

Its logmein all that for me. FREE – says it all. Stick it gotomypc.

19. James - February 11, 2008

I have used both LogMeIn and GotoMyPC. Only reason I am using logmein is because it is free. In my expirence GotoMyPC was faster for me. I am recently trying to use the ITReach program from LogMeIn and I have had nothing but problems with it. I have multiple monitors and every time I switch between monitors my session fails and I am forced to log back in. I am REALLY frustrated with LogMeIn all together. I am willing to pay for anything just to get away from LogMeIN as fast as possible. It is now 12:47am I have a remote pc that needs 4 applications started and positioned on it so my users will be situated in the AM. The problem is that I began to start and position the applications almost 2 hours ago. Between disconnected sessions and extreamly slow response time thru the LogMeIn. The hardware I have extreamly fast. If you are considering logmein I urge you to do an analysis of how long it will take you to perform your tasks with the software before you purchase anything.

20. jenny - March 19, 2008

We use both gotomypc and logmein as well as remote desktop…they are all great produects. generally i like logmein better- gotomyoc i think is better for printing…….
when i need to do remote support for clients though and i dont need to do remote printing or file transfer i use goINtomypc.com. GoInToMyPc.com is a free remote support utilility that doesnt need an account or preinstalled software it is sponsored by http://www.OnlineBackupVault.com

21. Richard S - July 4, 2008

I’ve recently switched to Techinline Remote Desktop (www.techinline) from GoToMyPC since it is much less expensive, and very easy to use. It requires no installation whatsoever and all your client needs to give you is a 6-digit code which you then punch in and the connection is established. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t get simpler than that! The only drawback is the absence of a file transfer but I was told they will be adding it by September

22. ed - July 11, 2008

As a long time happy GoToMyPc user I never looked elsewhere until I was introduced to LogMeIn at a new customer site. I knew of LogMeIn but I had never used the product so I began to do so heavily and as I gathered information I decided to ask LogMeIn directly to compare products to which they responded below. The only area of contention I had with there response is that both seem to run about the same speed for me over DSL.

> GoToMyPC is a great product, but LogMeIn has a technology advantage that makes our software faster and allows us to give away a basic version for free. The simplest explanation of this technology advantage is that once you establish the connection with your remote PC through the LogMeIn website, it dynamically changes to a direct connection between your local and remote PC – no longer routing through our website. This “peer-to-peer” LogMeIn connection offers faster speeds because there are no hops – information flows directly between the local and target computer. It is also more cost efficient, because we don’t have to pay for the bandwidth to route it through our website. (GoToMyPC connections are continuously hosted through their website for the duration of all remote control sessions, creating latency and requiring bandwidth). So because of our technology advantage, LogMeIn is faster, we are able to give away a free version, and also can charge much less for our professional version. Even the free trial of GoToMyPC requires a credit card, and if you do not cancel, you are automatically charged a subscription fee. Here are the features LogMeIn provides that GoToMyPC does not: * P2P Architecture * File Sharing (PRO)* Folder Synchronization (PRO)* Industry-Accepted Security: End-to-end SSL encryption * No Credit Card Trials* FREE basic version. >

As other posters I too use VNC over V-P-N which is the best of all worlds as far as I am concerned but only one of my clients has this option. At the same time LogMeIn has a free V-P-N solution in Hamachi which I have also now used and like.

23. valiant - August 10, 2008

log me in free version is competely reliable and very fast it is definitely the best for work purposes i use a terminal services connection to the server but for general remote access and control of computer logmein is the easiest to use it can be used from almost any smartphone simply by downloading opera onto the phone it does not require a static ip i was worried when i originally trialled logmein that it would be a waste of my time and that the free version wouldn’t be able to do anything but so far it has been great the only thing i can say is they have made it so good why would you pay for the pro version. some idiot further up is going on about paying for 6 pcs pro version and the company stopping his service because of a credit card which he says “i don’t even have the credit card they used in any case any more…” jackass if you dont have the credit card anymore of course they are going to recieve a dispute if they try to renew your subscription using it. by the way to make sure I am being fair teamviewer is very good completely free may have more funtionality and speed than logmein but does not work in a web browser meaning you have to install it on a computer in order to view and it requires you remembering or writing down a generated number (not your ip number so you dont have to configure) and you cant install that on a mobile these programs are great compared to vnc most people have several computers a dynamic ip and use a router you can only setup port forwarding to one computer your dymaic ip can and will change on you and setiing up port forwarding is not a 10 second job plus you have to configure your firewall

24. Marn - September 1, 2008

2 other free solutions:

CrossLoop http://www.crossloop.com/

Hamachi (it allows to create a personal VPN: feel free to use VNC then)

25. pradeepmoses - October 19, 2008

If you like to use RDP/netmeeting over internet using microsoft windows teredo service(peer to peer connectivity) you can check this soft http://www.lanoninternet.com
Now RDP/netmeeting can work behind NAT/firewall.Much faster than as the connection is made peer-to-peer

26. Derek Tom - January 15, 2009

Better than all those mentioned above and FREE for personal use:


Windows and Mac versions. Rock solid and you don’t even need to read a Quick Setup guide to start using it. Works through home broadband routers and corporate firewalls.

27. TBONEFEVER.NET » GoToMyPC.com - February 25, 2009

[…] LogMeIn vs. GoToMyPC – LogMeIn wins Written by admin in: IT | […]

28. Easy Remote Access with LogMeIn | Technology for the Masses - May 26, 2009

[…] Blog’s on the Topic: GoToMyPc vs LogMeIn – LogMeIn coming to Blackberry Storm – AskTheAdmin – Review on LogMeIn VN:F [1.2.3_620]please […]

29. jones - June 21, 2009

FIREWALL ISSUE with LogmeIn, but NOT with GoToMyPC::
If the host computer’s browsing access is blocked (Ports 80 and/or 443 are blocked), then LogMeIn hosting will not function on that PC. However, GoToMyPC host will automatically switch over to using port 8200 to connect to its servers if it finds it cannot get out through ports 80 or 443. If your network administrator has blocked ports 80 and/or 443, they are much more likely to be willing to create an opening for you on port 8200 specifically for GoToMyPC access, than to make an exception in their “no browsing” policy by opening 80 and 443 for your PC. Caveat: It is possible to circumvent the LogMeIn blockage if the firewall is configurable such that Ports 80 and 443 are generally closed, but opened for a list of specific IP ranges used by the LogMeIn Servers – you can call LogMeIn cust support to get this list of ranges.

30. John Gall - July 6, 2009

Thanks for this opportunity for me to read the reviews of this product. It will help me make a better recommendation to my customers.

31. john C - July 16, 2009

i have also given LogMeIn free version a try nd believe me this one is worth trying…its a beauty..i have discovered some good facts about LogMeIn……… check out

32. captainK - July 16, 2009

As a computer repair tech, I have consistently found LogMeIn to be superior in everyway to GoToMyPC. The latter is run on Citrix and is god awful slow. GoToMyPC connects to the remote PC and everything grinds to a stop….and……wait. Click on something and ……NOTHING happens for …………ever. With the FREE and PAID versions of LogMeIn, its just like you are sitting in front of the remoter PC………..I cannot say anything about the PRICES, because I use the FREE version and the client’s PAID version of LogMeIn and am in complete FAST control. DO NOT waste your time with GoToMyPC.
That’s my opinion.

33. John - August 13, 2009

I’ve tried both and recently I’ve switched to MyGreenPC – webiste: http://www.mygreenpc.com. It’s much easier to setup/use and also has the option to remotely turn on the pc – very cool!

34. rick james - September 8, 2009

I prefer logmein free as well. If I am logging to my work or personal or family support, then I use logmein free. The free version does not have remote printing capabilities, but if I really need to print something, then I will just use free cute pdf writer and “print to pdf” and email to myself with with my gmail account or if I need to transfer a file, then I will just use an instant messenger program like aim or yahoo messenger. I like aim, because I can resume VERY LARGE transfers if need be. If you are in IT, then you are probably better off with the logmein pro, because it is not practical to install pdf printer or instant messenger on clients machines, lol. I use to use crossloop, but with crossloop, you need to have the other person give you a code, before you log in. I also used microsoft remote desktop in the past, but I now use logmein free exclusively. I did like remote desktop, because it is free and speed is decent, but it requires port forwarding and enabling remote desktop on each computer you want to access and it is not that practical for dynamic ips, even if using dyns. So, logmein free is best for me, if you want continued access on a regular basis and crossloop is best if you rarely need to access a family member’s or a friends pc.

35. mark - October 6, 2009

I have used logmein ever since our IT provider used it to troubleshoot a problem on my workstation pc. I have since added to my home pc to access my work. After a year of using it — the free version — I have only one complaint: I should have started using this product long ago. I have saved many trips returning to the office by being able to access my desktop from home. The free version does not allow file transfer or printing from the host to the remote pc, but you can simply email to file from the host pc to yourself. After trying the free version of gotomypc for comparison, I found no advantages. Since logmein is free, the choice is obvious.

36. mark - October 6, 2009

Correction: I tried the free trial of gotomypc, not a free version — there is no free version of gotomypc.

37. Sam UK - October 27, 2009

Hi, I’ll like say that I’ve been using Logmein Free account for more than 4 years now. It works just perfect. I can connect to computers to countries with very slow broadband speeds!!!
With the recent update Logmein did to its services, the only downside of the Free account is that I cannot longer invite other users to log in to my machines. You need to add Logmein Central. There are work arround this but its a bit cumbersome.
Don’t waste time with gotomypc. It is just not worth it.

38. Clayton - December 7, 2009

I manage a network operations center that requires me to have access from anywhere at any given time. As a VPN is used for most of my access, I also require a service like Gotomypc or Logmein. I tried both extensively. Gotomypc was hands down a much more efficient (i.e. faster) and reliable remote access solution. Logmein has some neat ‘bells and whistles’, but would utilize 50% or greater CPU resources regularly causing a tremendous amount of latency on several different machines and operating systems. This was not worth the cost savings for Logmein. My conclusion if you are looking for speed (as if you are at the terminal) would be Gotomypc.

39. alex - December 12, 2009

TEAMVIEWER is better than logmein and gotomypc, and it’s free and simple, period!

Lynn, long-time GoToMyPC user - August 19, 2011

Free for non-commercial users at any rate. I wouldn’t use it for that reason. Free is nice, but the world is full of people who have the ethics of a 2-year old. If you’re using the program for business, you’re not a non-commercial user. It’s as simple as that.

40. Steve Price - January 21, 2010

I am looking at Gotomypc as an alternate to LogmeinPro which I have 5 subscriptions for. I’ve used Logmein for about a year now and like it. The problem is that I can’t get anyone on the support line to answer the phone. I expect marginal phone support for “free” products but in a paid situation I’m not prepared to wait several days for a canned response to a problem via email.Gotomypc will be more expensive but I waste a lot of time,(hey, I’m trying to run a business here), trying to get answers from these people. It wasn’t that way when I first signed on.

41. Braintiller - February 24, 2010

RHUB remote access is another alternative. Though it’s not free, they do offer free trials. It does not necessitate any kind of download like LogMeIn or other hosted solutions. Customization is also limited with LogMeIn, and significant features such as file transfer are available only in the paid version. RHUB addresses all these concerns and has a host of other advanced features too. I don’t know how it is with GotoMyPc, but pcAnywhere necessitates opening of inbound TCP ports for remote access, which can compromise security. RHUB on-premise remote access is a better alternative. Since it is an on-premise-deployable appliance, you get the finest security – your own firewall.

42. James - March 19, 2010

NeoRouter is my favorite and I think it’s better than Hamachi and LogmeIn. It’s free and covers all features of hamachi and logmein pro.

43. Bob Deverell - June 16, 2010

I have been using gotomypc to control my unattended remote servers, inc remote updates, new s/w etc for several years. I now use ‘ log me in’ for for my desktop pcs. I strongly [prefer Gotomypc for unattended server use as it provides a better connect success when OS issues occur, particularly after upgrades. G2 in the optional remote cursor visability mode does have a little cursor delay but I prefer to see exactly where the remote cursor is pointing to rather than use the blind mode.

44. Ned Harkey - June 16, 2010

LogMeIn (free version) seems to work quite well for me. I prefer Microsoft Remote Desktop but can’t get it to break through my corporate firewall. After reading these responses I will try a few of the others mentioned here soon.

45. shujhat - October 6, 2010

I LOVE logmein free… try it’s free guys…!

46. Lynn Bartling - October 15, 2010

I thought LogMeIn was good for the one month…but make sure if you only want to use it for a set time that you DO cancel, because they will continue to charge your card until you communicate to them that you want to discontinue. I apparently misread the terms and I thought if I wanted another month I should let them know…I am pretty upset about being charged when I had quit using it a month ago.

47. Albert - December 21, 2010


You can also check out GoSupportNow (http://www.gosupportnow.com). This is an alternative to LogMeIn, GoToMyPC and TeamViewer.

48. 1blog - March 14, 2011

I just installed logmein but it’t not fast enought for drawin in autocad on 1Mb.

49. Yancy - August 24, 2011

I think the free version of LMI is great. I’ve used it for years to help my firends and family with their computer issues. Nothing like getting mom and pops on a LMI session :). At work we just bought a couple licenses to ScreenConnect. It priced much better than LMIRescue (what is needed for commercial use).

50. Karla - September 15, 2011

I’ve been using LMI Pro for over a year and, while it “does what it says on the tin”, it is constantly frustrating to use.

It will randomly switch the caps loc on/off on the remote machine which cannot be corrected by any method (even the little keyboard in the menu bar). It will randomly hold the ctrl key down thus doing multiple selects. There are other little niggles which require restarting the connection to correct. Very frustrating.

Also, both my host and remote machines have the ” sign over the 2, yet, I have to use the @ sign (to the right of the semicolon) in order to get the “. Why, if it’s a direct connection as is claimed.

I have utterly failed to be able to enter a £ sign remotely.

Still, it does what it’s supposed to, which is let me connect to my home PC from anywhere else.

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52. aliasgarbabat - November 1, 2013

Yeah, between the two, I’d say GoToMyPC is the better choice, but I actually prefer RHUB above all, because it gives me Web conferencing and remote access / support, all in one device.

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